The Great Law of Life – Love Can Grasp the Truth

 The Friars, Maidstone, Kent, England

Peter and John run to the empty tomb…

‘The part that love plays in the story is extraordinary. It was Mary, who loved Jesus so much, who was first at the tomb. It was John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, and who loved Jesus, who was first to believe in the Resurrection. That must always be John’s great glory. He was the first man to understand and to believe. Love gave him eyes to read the signs and a mind to understand.

Here we have the great law of life. In any kind of work it is true that we cannot really interpret the thought of another person, unless between us and him there is a bond of sympathy. No one can lecture alright effectively on the life and work of a man with whom he is out of sympathy. It is once clear when the conductor of an orchestra is in sympathy with the music of the composer whose work he is conducting. Love is the great interpreter. Love can grasp the truth when intellect is left groping and uncertain. Love can realise the meaning of a seeing when research is blind…we can neither understand Jesus or help others to understand him unless we take our hearts to him as well as our minds’.

William Barclay : The Daily Study Bible : The Gospel of John Volume 2 page 311


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