Our Lady Completes the Model for the Christian Life

Blanot Our Lady
Blanot, near Saulieu, Burgundy, France

Coming from a non-conformist background in which Mary the Mother of God is barely mentioned, I found it difficult to understand her place in the Catholic life after my entrance into the Catholic Church. I understood the teachings but still couldn’t quite understand the level of reverence shown to her – so I asked the question in prayer and the answer came that explained it to me. Without Mary and her experience we would be lacking a companion to show us the way in so many areas of life. Through her we have a model for pregnancy and motherhood, for parenting and all the concerns that brings but, most of all, we have a model for the grief of a mother and parent who sees her child wrongly accused of a crime, tortured and murdered. With Mary’s experiences added to those of Jesus, no one can say that God has not gone before us in every experience of life. No one can accuse God of being distant or of lacking understanding. They have made the path and we can follow in their footsteps.


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